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The Great Communication Drive Of 2023

We have lots to talk about in 2023, and nothing infuriates the Ugly more than social media algorithms extorting money out of hard-working artists to communicate with their deserved and worked-for fanbase.

Well, enough of this bullshit we say!

Please welcome The Son Of Ugly Mailing List.

If you can take less than a minute to sign up to the mailing list above this section we will then be able to contact you directly, thus sidestepping the constant censorship of our communication with you.

This will help with the much-requested vinyl Kickstarter campaign we've been threatening to unleash for several years now, as well as keeping you abreast of news relating to the forthcoming 2nd full-length album we will be building throughout this year, and- or any pre-orders that may occur.

Word of mouth is another aspect that is so important to any band's growth, so if you know anyone who would be interested in our band's artistic ventures then please speak our name into their ears. An incredible amount of honest hard work and money goes into running this band, and the interactions we get from audiences and our fans are the fuel that keeps it moving. 

We are extremely self-aware of becoming annoying spam in your email inbox. Hence, we promise to use this privilege with the utmost taste and respect, and will only contact you when there are significant developments to report.

Lastly, in a show of appreciation, we will also be sending out exclusive free gifts to everyone on our mailing list in the coming months, which is something we aim to continue going forward with exclusive 'mailing list only' content you will not get on social media alone.

This website will also be updated with content, stories, and news far more often than the previous build, pushing to migrate control back into the band's hands from the problems that plague social media-based communication alone.



Eastbourne We're Coming Back!

New Festival appearance announced for Sunday 27th August @ 4pm in Reigate

From what we can tell we're literally playing inside a Brewery, how cool is that? 

Worthing Surf Fest is back!

Son Of ugly return to perform @ 5pm!

Pleased to announce we've kindly been invited back to Worthing Surf fest@ New Amsterdam beer garden.

Free entry, a bank holiday weekend and 10 interesting instro n Surf bands. 

Now all we need is prayers for good weather!

First band kicks off around 2pm.

Boldly going into the Vinyl Frontier @ Green Light Fest


We are still processing the fun had at Green Light Fest Eastbourne. We want to thank Rhydd at The Frontier bar for being an excellent host, and Caine, Drew, Jasper & the rest of the Eastbourne Music Collective for the opportunity to play what is essentially a debut home town show, and for all the massive amounts of hard work that went into putting on an amazing festival by the Eastbourne Music Collective (E.M.C.). 

The audience was incredibly receptive to Son Of Ugly's brand of cinematic Progressive rock, and the band firing on all cylinders after a soothing warm-up from acoustic duo Carman/Grocott. 

We can't wait to come back and perform for Eastbourne again! 

Below is a vid of a new song in progress 'Foxglove' taken from the festival, a tune which we are planning a special release for in the coming months to tide you over whilst we cook up album number 2.

Watch this space!