From the recording Derailed

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Son Of Ugly would like to believe they are the shit when it comes to making a track dark and terrifying, but then this guy comes along and manages to lower the tone further- literally!.

Jason Williams
Jason Williams was central to the noise explosion of the early nineties, playing with- I'm Being Good, Prick Decay, Evil Moisture and a host of other unclassifiable noise acts.
his superannuated project Deepkiss720 was summed up in IDWAL FISHER ‘zine,
"Jase’s contribution to the UK noise scene may be small when looked at in terms
of released output, (tapes, CDRS and one vinyl LP) but that is no reflection on his influence and input.
Those few releases would suggest the mind of a man for whom side long tranches of noise aren’t the excuse for periods of reflection but a chance to wreak havoc with your ears.
With his long-running solo project, Deepkiss720 Jase has managed to create a monster that makes noise that is genuinely
unlistenable and I mean that in the most respectful of ways. It’s not everybody who can put something into the noise trough that is so totally off centre as to be totally off whatever scale it is you want to measure it by."

After bringing Foxtrot Echo of COUM Transmissions back into the live arena for some collaborative performances- finally exhausting his desire to work in the live arena with various acts like Black Metal High Impact Aerobics duo, bloodletting no wave band Mothers of the Third Reich and live art experiment Hysteresis, Tap dancing noise act Punctured Corpse and the Aeolipile jazz quartet and now spends his spare time working on the Porridge Van project with "outsider" artist and national treasure Sexton Ming and has his live sculpture project Dropping. He is happy to remix things occasionally, His last one was for Sweet Williams.