From the recording Derailed

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Deep Tenor Sax floats over Drippy Surf lounge that wouldn't be remiss in a band playing in Twin Peaks' Roadhouse bar.
Sax player Rex Stardust was so eager to be involved, he worked directly from the album mix, not stems as if sampling from a classic old record, as they used to in the 90s. Get a great vibe, sample it, twist it and make something new.
Alongside the rich surf guitars, the remix brings spooky Theremin beamed from beyond the outer reaches of The Twilight Zone, which results in something as seductive as it is unnerving.

The Voodoo Surf Tribe debut CD is yet to be released but they did have this to add:

"Rex's sexy, hexy, "Twin Peaks" sax line on the "On The Prowl" remix, is the best thing he's ever played, and he knows it.
He hasn't recorded since,
"Quit while you're on top...."I think he muttered..